Our Founders

Melanie Davila, the founder of Caring4Katy, is a stroke survivor living with MoyaMoya disease. In 2008, at the age of 32, she had a stroke with no warning signs leading up to the event. One year later after multiple surgeries, it was finally determined that Melanie had Moyamoya. In short, the disease restricted the blood flow to her brain and required a brain bypass surgery. In Melanie’s words, “I’ve been truly blessed with the gift of life and the fact that I have had no major impairing effects from my medical history. I’ve seen the emotional, mental, physical and financial side of “Disease” and I am here to make a difference in the heart of others in need."

Our co-founder, Sheree Norton, shares the same passion that Melanie does to help others. She is a very kind hearted woman gifted with the ability to help others find peace within their hearts. However, she also knows the pain brought forth from having a child with a terminal illness. Sheree lost her daughter Savannah to SMA in 2013. Savannah was diagnosed at a very young age, but the love and support that she received from her family and nurses helped to make her life a very special one. Although Savannah could not talk, she spoke thru the beauty of her eyes and touched the life of many people, including ones that she never met. Savannah was almost 3 years old when she earned her wings. Sheree is continuously allowing Savannahs spirit to shine thru her Faith in God with every family that she helps. 


Co-Founder Trisha Amado, truly loves and has a passion for helping others. She is a registered nurse currently working at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital, and has experience working in the ICU, pediatric oncology and pediatric home health. She had the privilege to take care of Savannah throughout her entire fight against SMA, and became a Founder and board member for Caring4Katy to help others and share Savannah's story, as her legacy lives on. Trisha takes pride in helping children and families in the community, as well as spread awareness for our cause.


Haley Visneau,  has been a resident of Katy, TX for 15 years. She is a registered nurse, who truly loves taking care of children of all ages. She has a passion for caring for people and helping others. Haley was blessed with the opportunity to care for Savannah and be a part of her life, which has encouraged her to reach out and help other children and families in need through Caring4Katy.

John Guy is a local architect who found his “purpose” in life by helping others thru Caring4Katy.  Not only is he able to bring his professional talents forward to assist families with minor household repairs, but he has a heart of gold and contributes to countless smiles as “Santa” during Christmas celebrations hosted by Caring4Katy and Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus in Katy.