Single entry or teams with a maximum of 4 people are welcome.  Entry fee is a $100 DONATION to Caring4Katy and will be used to assist families in our area who are suffering with life threatening illnesses.  Thanks for your support!


Booth space is approx. 12’ wide x 14’ deep.  The space is limited so we will have a maximum of 20 teams for this event.  Set up location will be on a first come basis.


Power will not be supplied; contestants are encouraged to bring propane burners and propane or a personal generator and crockpots.  All contestants are required to have a fire extinguisher in your cooking area if using propane.


Contestants must furnish own ingredients including water for cooking purposes, equipment, utensils, cleaning supplies, tables, chairs and tents.   All contestants are responsible for maintaining proper serving temperature.  You will be able to provide samples to the general public but cannot sell or give away meal sized portions.  Caring4Katy will provide spoons, sampling cups and napkins for serving to the general public, as well as containers for judging entry.  Random tickets will be drawn by each team at sign-in and will be used to identify the winners.  These numbers will not be known by the judges.  However, a complete list of placement will be posted at the end of the event so be sure to hold on to your tickets to find out how you were scored.


Each contestant must cook a minimum 5 gallons of gumbo and/or chili.  (Only ONE entry per category per team.)  Each contestant or team will be given a numbered canister to be visibly displayed and accessible to the public for voting.  The general public will each get 2 votes with their entry fee into No Label.  Additional voting tickets may be purchased during the event for $1 each.  The more people you bring or know, the better chance you have of winning the People’s Choice Award…so be sure to spread the word!



Cook-Off Schedule:

Set-up: Begins at 6:30am.  Feel free to decorate your booth however you would like. Be creative and help bring a smile to the children’s faces.  Remember, this is a charity event so have fun!


Judging: Judging will begin at 12:45pm.  All teams must select one member to bring your CHILI entry to the judge’s booth at 12:45pm and your GUMBO entry at 1:30pm.  Teams will utilize the bowl and tray with your entry code that will be given to you at time of check-in.  PUBLIC GUMBO & CHILI TASTING may begin AFTER you turn in your judge’s sample.


Tasting: (1:00pm - 2:00pm) People’s choice votes will end at 2:00pm but people may continue to taste test during the entire event or until all is gone! 






Gumbo:  Anything goes in this charity cook-off!  Veggies may be precut prior to event, but roux must be made onsite.   Meat must be boneless.  Seafood gumbo must be clearly marked and a list of all seafood products posted prominently for guests to see.  Servers MUST tell guests that it is a seafood gumbo for allergy purposes.  Rice must be included for serving but will not be judged.  The rice can be pre-cooked.


Gumbo Judging:  There will be a minimum of 3 judges that will be looking for the perfect taste, color, consistency, aroma and aftertaste.  Trophies will be handed out to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in the Gumbo category.






Wild Card Chili:  This means you can enter any type of chili that you are brave enough to submit.  Use your favorite recipe, with or without meat, with or without beans…it’s all your call!  Ingredients may be precut, shredded or ground to any size. Please have a list of the meats used for allergy purposes. If peanuts or peanut oil is used, please display a warning sign. You may NOT use can, store bought chili or mixes. All chili must be cooked from scratch on site and all meat and produce will be inspected prior to cooks beginning.


Chili Judging:  There will be a minimum of 3 judges that will be looking for the perfect taste, aroma, texture, aftertaste and heat of chili. (The level of heat will not necessarily determine the winner so feel free to make your chili as hot or mild as you like.)  Trophies will be handed out to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in the chili category.
















We are excited to say that No Label will be donating 50% of their gate entry fees to assist us with purchasing iPads which we will donate to Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus and MD Anderson’s Children’s Cancer Hospital.  The Caring4Katy Committee would like to thank you for supporting our organization.  Without you, this transaction would not be possible!